My mind, they think is incomplete,

    no grit it is composed of,

    my heart, they say, got me to cheat,

    no fire it spares to animate me,

    my body, slander cause of my defeat,

    bare meat with no tensile, no pace.


    Bleak, aloof, dispassionate, as I am viewed,

    discerned to be proud and arrogant,

    abandoned by spirits, zeal and beaut,

    they think I Am.

     I suggest you cover your flute,

    ’cause you quidnunc, you wide of the mark!


    You settle on a façade,

    my soul protected, is confined to me only.

    Sufferings of mine are not for you to parade.

    Covered in gasoline, yet to ignite,

    galvanized mightier than you might.

    But I am not an arsonist.

    Scintillating spirit is a phase,

    And impermanence ain’t insignificant.


    I don’t want to burn out in this mist,

    hunting in this fit of folly, something undying,

    capable to furnish my life with a just gist.

    It isn’t a conflagration that is necessary,

    A persevered heat makes it.

    A fair poet said likely,

    “Truth is rarely pure, never simple”



    Poet : Peehu

    Peehu is an avid reader and is pursuing school in grade 11. She is extremely good in studies and likes playing football. She has been scholar in her class since last 6 years. Peehu likes to read books of varying genres like fiction, non-fiction, gothic and philosophical. She is also a part of the larger party of people who are keeping the classics alive. When she can spare some time from reading, she devotes it to adventures and travel. Apart from this she is a foodie and is always ready to feast on anything she likes. She sometimes picks her pen and likes to write poems which she has been writing since she 4th grade and has improved with time and maturity. This is her first attempt to share something in public domain.



    Aafia Mehtab says (Jul 14, 2020):

    Mind blowing poem, can’t understand most of the words though hahaha. Peehu’s poetry has only evolved through the years and i am so proud of her.


    Subroto Roy says (Jul 15, 2020):

    Blessings and good wishes to keep writing such passionate lines.

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