Little Fairy

    My name is Anna. I am an eight-year-old. I like going to school and painting. I love colours. I love my tiny house plants. I would like to share a secret with you. My best friend is a fairy. She lives nearby. She tells me stories at night. I had met her once when I was a kid, but I have forgotten the time. I love talking to the yellow Mandeville flower that grows in my balcony. One day, when I came back from school, they told me I had to be at home now— no school or going out anymore!

    Daddy stays far away. I heard that some virus monster had come and we had to be at home to fight the virus. Daddy was supposed to come home in March, and it has been six months, but he has not yet come back. I miss him. I write letters to him but I know he cannot come home now because Corona monster is all around. Even my best friend says she is afraid of the monster. She told me how to wash my hands and stay away from people. So, here I am stuck at home. I don’t like watching TV, so I play with my dolls and ponies. I talk to my flowers and I miss going to school. Teachers come for online classes. I felt happy when the classes began, but now I feel sleepy at times. I like Social Studies class when Miss takes quizzes.

    I know everyone is afraid of Corona now. Nobody comes to visit us. But I don’t like staying at home alone. One day, my fairy told me, “Come, let us do something important!” It was Daddy’s birthday the next day and I was sad that Daddy could not come home this year. Mum said she would arrange something for me so that I would not be sad.

    I know we could not get any card for him, for there was a lockdown, so I painted a card on my own. My best friend had got some flowers from the garden in the morning and left them on my table. Suddenly, I had a plan. Do you want to hear my plan?

    We had bought some eggs for the lockdown and we had left-over flour, baking powder and cherries from my birthday earlier. My best friend and I made some chocolate cupcakes and cookies for Daddy. I told my fairy friend to put up some balloons and lights. I printed a picture of my parents and I, and stuck it on my card. We had decorated the living room. When all was finished, the cuckoo clock rang “cuckoooo”. I knew it was time to call Daddy and wish him happy birthday. Then I asked Daddy to open his eyes and said, “SURPRISE”!!!

    Daddy was thrilled to see everything. Mum smiled. She is the fairy who lives with me and loves me to the core! Her magic hand makes every little thing beautiful and precious. Daddy had tears of joy in his eyes. He was happy to see us, but sad too, for he was not with us in person. “Nothing is more precious than my daughter. She is the fairy in our lives”, Mum said. “No cakes or flowers can ever match this love which we get from her.” Daddy’s face could be seen from the phone. Both of them looked at me, and declared, “Anna is our little fairy! It is she who has made our life magical!”



    Author : Oishi Chatterjee

    Oishi Chatterjee is an eight-year-old student avid Peppa Pig fan who lives in her own world of imagination. A student of Class 3 in Carmel Convent Durgapur she writes poems and short stories. An. She loves to recite and paint. 


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