So Now Its Your Turn

    “Oh you are getting it all wrong! It wasn’t a case of love at first sight; it was definitely not that! You know, it was more like a slow built romance, or perhaps you can even call it an emotional connect. But now that I think of it— as I describe it to you— I guess it was a mere acquaintance. Yes, just a coincidence. I hope you got it now?”

    “Yes,” he smiled back at her, and waited for her to resume her story.

    “No, I don’t think you understand it at all! I was not in love with that man.” She paused to take a breath, but began the very next instant. But this time, he could hardly hear what she said. She was now speaking at a pace that made her words almost unintelligible. But he continued to listen most intently.

    Sarah was in her late twenties and he had known her for a fortnight now. There was just something about her voice. Something that did not let him interrupt her long narratives that often went beyond his areas of interest. Her words often turned meaningless to him and her English accent was difficult to follow. Yet, he never interrupted her.

    “Yes, so I was not at all in love with him. You see, I just loved his art. And he was pretty good at it, like you’ve seen those …” she continued, elaborately painting his description.

    He gave her the look of deepest interest in her story. The calmness of his expression was all she noticed while speaking. He was extremely calm; a trait that she admired in men. He was not the kind of man she would have fallen in love with, but something about him had captivated her this time.

    “Conversations are often short-lived and do not last,” he said with a smile when she had finished her long story. It was already late into the night and he looked closely at her expression, unsure if she intended to stay longer.

    She looked back at him with a wink and her usual cheerful smile.

    “So now it’s your turn. Tell me all about her. Start from the very beginning; I will be here till your story ends.” Sarah reclined back in her bed, clasped a pillow and plugged in her charger as they continued the video call.



    Author : Amrita Sharma

    Amrita Sharma is a Lucknow-based writer currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English from the University of Lucknow. Her works have previously been published in Borderless, Café Dissensus Everyday, Muse India, New Academia, GNOSIS, Dialogue, The Criterion, Episteme and Ashvamegh. Her area of research includes avant-garde poetics and innovative writings in the cyber space.





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