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     Title : A Resuming


    Category : fiction


    Author : Malayka Singh

    Author intro :Malayka Singh is an amateur everything. Not more than one and a half decades old, she calls herself a dreamer but is also too much of a realist to do so. Nonetheless, she aspires to become a person without a desk job and live in a world where if you’re factually a human, you’re treated like one. She is a 10th standard student at Delhi Public School, Siliguri.

    Excerpt :

    The moon shone dully, as if there was nothing special about tonight. Its whiteness was quieter amidst other earthly radiance. The streets and stops; turns and terraces; houses and hotels, all were outlined with artificial yellow, blue, green. Even the insects seemed to have made way for the obvious merriment in the air – being nowhere in sight. But the picture wasn’t complete without an elegant layer of pure white snow; falling, and inevitably covering everything like icing on the cake.

    Amidst this apparent excitement and bridal decorations, stood a house situated at the ends of the city. Melancholy overpowered its red and green wreath decorations of Christmas, yet to be taken down from outside the house. Its walls were an off-brown shade, giving out the sentiment of what was most important to the country the residents belonged to. But this just showed that even in a foreign land, with no direct sense of belonging, joy never did take notice of one’s position or state to make them one of its own. Neither does sorrow.
    Inside the house, behind veils of stereotypes and unsaid rules of being politically correct, sat a woman of thirty-seven in the quietest corner of her bedroom. It still showed clear signs of having been occupied by more than one person. Her husband.


    Title : Mountain Girl

    Category : fiction

    Author : Insha Faridoon

    Author intro : Insha Faridoon was born on 20th March, 2004, to make the mundane lively with her imagination and spirit. She may be a fashionista in her own right but wants the world know her more as an author. She has made her parents proud with several well received short stories, poems, and travelogues. Her writing is vivid and observational, just like her personality. She confesses that her stories are more about ‘immortalising  a moment through a combination of words.' She is a cat lover, and loves cooking and listening to music.. If she is not doing any of the things mentioned she must be hibernating within a world of her own!

    Excerpt :

    It was all quiet in the town of Kurjey, as the first rays of the morning sun hit the leaves of the wild poppy plants growing in the vast green fields. The birds lurking in the entwined branches of a fir tree, who seemed to have taken it upon themselves to wake every living soul in the vicinity, started chirping. They sang a melody which only they themselves understood; but one that filled the heart of everyone who heard it with happiness. The sweet birdsong travelled on the wings of the morning breeze; across the fields, through the blades of grass, dripping with morning dew; under the petals of a wild flower; through the rusting pine leaves… all the way to Kiba’s bedroom window.

    The sweet sound that woke Kiba up, as it did every day. She pulled the covers off her tiny frame and skipped to the windowsill. She couldn’t see them, but knew that the birds were hiding somewhere in the trees. She gazed at her most favourite sight in the world–the sight of the sun rising. She soon tore away her eyes from the horizon and made her way to the door. As she turned on the warm water for a bath, she could hear the faint crow of the rooster. She made her way down, drying her hair with a small pink towel. She could hear the lid of the kettle clattering as the tea came to boil. She left her towel in a bucket, gave her mother a kiss on the cheek, and sat down to have a simple breakfast of oats with honey on top.

    On finishing her breakfast, she made her way to the restaurant; owned by her mother and quite  popular for its Indian cuisine. Whenever an Indian visited Kurjey, they always had lunch at their restaurant. She saw her older cousin, Sonam, who lived with them, cleaning the tables. It would be quite a while before customers started coming in, but they always liked to be prepared. Kiba helped her cousin around the restaurant, before making her way out of the door.


    Title :Pattern of Gender Stereotypes and Gender Discrimination

    Category : essay

    Author : Tehzeeb Anis

    Author intro : Tehzeeb Anis, is a research scholar at department of sociology, Aligarh Muslim University. She is currently doing Ph.D. on the topic Childbirth Practices and Medicalization: A Sociological study of Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. To understand the different birth practices being followed, the nature, level and degree of medicalization and the impact of over- medicalization in child birth practices occupy her area of exploration. She is also interested in exploring the underlying mechanism responsible for the occurrence of unnecessary Caesarean section. She has written papers on childbirth practices, policies and programmes related to institutional deliveries. She has also written articles on covid-19 and poor healthcare facilities in Bihar and Preparedness of Uttar Pradesh to tackle covid-19 outbreak during lockdown 4.0. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree (2014) from Calcutta University and Master’s degree (2018) from Aligarh Muslim University.

    Abstract : Gender differences and gender stereotyping have always existed in every pattern of life; whether it is education, jobs, freedom or psychological disorders - the difference can still be seen. Gender stereotypes regarding proness to mental or behavioural disorders always reinforce social stigma and constrains help-seeking along stereotypical lines. They act as a barrier in the identification of the disorder and their treatment. Depression, anxiety, domestic violence etc. affect women in almost every part of the world. This is because of the fact that they have massive pressure on them due to multiples roles they play, in addition to the gender stereotypes and discrimination they experience. This essay deals with the similar kind of stereotype and discrimination faced by the characters of the stories  ‘A Resuming’ and ‘Mountain girl’ wherein two females fight with their inner conflicts.

    Extract :

    A Resuming is the story of a married woman who is suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Her behavior has created chaos in her life; her family has lost attachment to her. She is so much in pain that her heart cries all the time but she has no one to share her problem with. Her inner wounds are so deep but she has no one who could heel them and feel her pain. She is continuously struggling with agony and pain due to her mental illness. Her inner screams which are left unheard, always expect someone who could hear her, support her emotionally so that she could overcome her inner conflicts but she never gets any psychological support from her near ones. Initially, she doesn’t want to share her problem with anyone because of the stereotype the society have towards mental illness. People start showing prejudice towards people who have a mental illness; as a result, people with such disease fear to talk openly about their illness. Similar things have been happening with the lady in the story. She is emotionally unstable. And finally, when she realized that she must talk about her problems, she was left by everyone in her family.

    At the same time, Kiba, in the story Mountain Girl is just like a normal girl of any society.  As she is living in the mountains she loves nature. Every day she wakes up, she unleashes her window, takes a bath, watered the gardens and went into the kitchen to help her mother. Her everyday routine is somewhat fixed. She is very optimistic, trying to find happiness in every small thing she had, but deep in her unconscious mind, she is struggling with conflicts.  She knew that living in a small town, she might never be able to see the outside world, she might never be able to live a glamorous life, a life so cherished by people, but she would be happy. Happy amongst the trees, the flowers, the animals, the mountains, all the little things in life. But deep in her mind, she wants to see the glamorous life, wants to go outside to see the world which is beyond these mountains. She is compromising her dreams by giving herself justification that she would be a mountain girl for the rest of her life and she was okay with that.

    Both the stories A Resuming and Mountain girl are very different from each other but what is common between them is the unconscious conflict that the characters are facing within themselves.


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    About TMYS Review June 2020

    Author intro : Malayka Singh is an amateur everything. Not more than one and a half decades old, she calls herself a dreamer but is also too much of a realist to do so. Nonetheless, she aspires to become a person without a desk job and live in a world where if you’re factually a human, you’re treated like one. She is a 10th standard student at Delhi Public School, Siliguri.







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