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    Title : Friends

    Category : fiction

    Author : Ritika Sahay

    Author intro : Ritika Sahay studies in DPS Siliguri. She likes to read books and has a fascination for psychology. She studies commerce so business and marketing interest her. She also loves acting and oratory and has been a part of many competitions and plays. Story writing is not something she does very often, but she enjoys it whenever she does.

    Excerpt :

    The clock finally struck 5 in the evening. It was time to see the sun in the backyard.


    Rahul’s routine was fixed. He would come back from school by 2 pm, complete all of his house chores and assignments by 5, and spend an hour outdoors in the garden, playing with his football… alone.

    He had always been an introvert a little too shy to make friends, interested mostly in video games and books.

    The luscious grass or the beautiful creatures like the doves or the nightingales didn’t draw him out to spend time in the garden. This habit mostly came from the fact that after a certain point of stressing his eyes with books and technology, he would need some rest. Rahul loved to go out, relax his eyes, freshen up his mind, and resume what he was doing.

    His parents never really paid attention to him; their jobs kept them so busy that they didn’t have any energy left to focus on their son.

    But his grandmother was concerned. She tried to interact with him, asked him about his activities at school, made him listen to music, sat with him in the garden so that he noticed the beauty of nature.


    Title : The Continuance of Life

    Category : Nonfiction

    Author : Arushi Sen

    Author intro : Arushi Sen is an 11-year-old student. She studies in a school based in New Jersey, USA. She comes from a simple Bengali family of four, her parents are engineers. She loves to play with Legos, she enjoys building complex Lego Structure. She loves music and painting and also reading books. Whenever she gets free time, she plays with her brother or watches a movie with him. What she wants to be when she grows up changes every 1/2 years. Her first ambition was to become a postman. She was very fascinated by the fact that how people get excited when they receive mails/greeting cards. Then she wanted to become an Air Hostess. Soon it changed to Teacher. She used to love her 4th-grade teacher and wanted to be like her. Lately, she has been showing interest in the medical profession. 

    Excerpt :

    It is the 29th of June, exactly one full week since the first day of summer vacation. I lie on Ashlyn’s soft bed. The bright sun rays shine through the glass windows and form parallelograms of light on the brown carpet. The sky is pale blue at the moment, but I like it better at night when it turns to deep sapphire. Later, during sunset, I look away from the shades of red and orange mixing together on the west side of our house. Then I  look at the sky through the east window; at brilliant sapphire I have waited for, that seems to glow with the golden light coming from the other side. I am in the depths of wonder, thinking about the future. I am almost reimagining my life, if you want to put it that way.

    Ashlyn lies right next to me on her bed. We stay in this position for some time. I think we have opened a dictionary of emotions within our souls. At least I think I have. I feel uncertainty and anxiety, rage and sorrow. My emotions fight each other in my mind. Uncertainty begins to say that this might be a friendly prank that Ashlyn is playing on me. Very true, I think. Rage argues that she wouldn’t joke on a topic like this. Sorrow thinks about life after Ashlyn moves. Anxiety mentions the worst topic of them all: facing the middle school, alone.

    I look to my right, towards Ashlyn. She looks up at the white ceiling, not frowning but not smiling either. Her lips make a pink horizontal line on her pale face. I can’t help but think about what I will do once Ashlyn moves into a two-story house, somewhere far from here. Ever since we met at a Safety Patrol training unit in 4th grade, we stuck together like two peas in a pod. I am so used to her being around that I know once she is gone, I will keep knowing that something is missing, but not comprehend what exactly.

    “So,” Ashlyn asks, sitting up as I sit up just like her, “what do you think the middle school will be like? Like teachers and all that stuff?”


    Title :The Essence of Social Being: Role of Friendly Interaction in Social Construction.

    Category : essay

    Author : Ahsan Raza Khan

    Author intro : Ahsan Raza Khan is currently pursuing his Masters in Sociology from the Department of Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and obtained his B.A. (2018) degree from the same university. He likes to read classical literature. He has written some papers on ‘The Contemporary relevance of Karl Marks’s theory of Alienation’, ‘The continuous atrocities and attacks on Dalits of India’ and ‘Transgender in India: the third identity’. He is embarking to do his PhD in field of ‘Sociology of Health and illness in India’.


    In this essay we explore the importance of friendship. We start by seeking to gain an understanding of why and how friendship relates to wellbeing.  We then look at how friendships are formed and focus on the concept of individual tendency to associate with others. We then talk about how our friends can bring positivity in our life and direct us to be a better people. The difference between the life of those who have friends and those who do not- because they have a hard time interacting with people- will also be explored. This essay concludes with a discussion of positive impacts of having a true friend in life and defining the term ‘Friendship’.

    Excerpt :

    The story 'Friends' written by Ritika Sahay, talks about a boy named Rahul and how his life changes after he is taught an important lesson in life by his grandmother. Just like Rahul, we all have our daily fixed routine and a mechanical life. Sometimes we build walls around us and we believe that our life is limited to them. We live behind these walls and believe that our life is as beautiful as it can get behind these walls.

    But we fail to realise that by doing so we are limiting us from achieving more in life. What we really need to do is to climb these walls and move ahead, because there is so much more to life and to explore. Sometimes what we all need is a person to stand by us while we improve ourselves; someone like Rahul's grandmother.

     While Rahul's parents are too busy with their works to look after their son, his grandmother is always there to look after him. She notices that Rahul is always quiet, doesn’t talk much, and speaks mostly when asked something. Moreover, he plays football all alone. This is when his grandmother realises that she needs to talk with him. One day while he is playing outside, his grandmother comes out to sit with him and asks him “Do you know why squirrels have white stripes on their back?”


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