Who Are You When You Are All Alone?

    Who are you when you are all alone?

    When no one is watching.

    Where there is only you.

    What welcomes you then is your solitude.


    A buddy per se ain’t alone,

    he’s lonely when devoid of any feeling.

    When there is no wait,

    nothing can be offered to bait.

    For, a man without a want is alone.


    Accompanied by thoughts of hope, and love,

    in the crevices of oblivion,

    seeking recourse in alternate multiverse,

    engulfed in a fiasco, surrounded by raging silence,

    I am not alone.


    An air of despondency

    Drowns us in schmaltzy

    Works us up in a wretched frenzy

    Unaware of the divine gaiety

    Hidden like the moon during day

    In prosaic language one would say;


    “Kid, move on from the fallacy,

    You’ve got the vow of amity,

    By own soul, until hell freezes over”




    Poet : Peehu

    Peehu is an avid reader and is pursuing school in grade 11. She is extremely good in studies and likes playing football. She has been scholar in her class since last 6 years. Peehu likes to read books of varying genres like fiction, non-fiction, gothic and philosophical. She is also a part of the larger party of people who are keeping the classics alive. When she can spare some time from reading, she devotes it to adventures and travel. Apart from this she is a foodie and is always ready to feast on anything she likes. She sometimes picks her pen and likes to write poems which she has been writing since she 4th grade and has improved with time and maturity. This is her first attempt to share something in public domain.


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