The  Speakers

Prof. Robin Dunbar, Anthropologist and Professor, University of Oxford on HUMOUR IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA & HUMAN STORIES
Dr. Rion Scott (author and professor, Department of English, University of Maryland) on HAIR, RACE, REPRESENTATION IN WRITING
Dr. Fiona Sampson (Poet, Writer, Professor of Poetry at Roehampton University) on POETRY OUT LOUD - The Primacy of Sound and Silences.

Archives for Money Talks

Ajay Mankotia  (on the Indian Tax Payer)

Richa Srivastava Mukherjee (on women and money)

Anurag Tripathi (on money management)

Neelam Kumar (money as a survival tool - the actual and perceived role)

Prof. Nandini Bhattacharya (socio-economic realities of women during the colonial era)

K-Ming Chang (the diplomacy of voicing the have-not's)

Dr. Mahul Brahma (Communications in the Times of Financial Crisis)

Deep Halder (on the rising consumerism of Bengal)

Nancy Jooyoun Kim (on war, immigration & other socio economic indicators of a story)

Abhinav Agarwal (wealth, greed, dynamics & richness in The Mahabharata)


Archives: THE MASK FACTOR moderated by Ankita Dutta

Tony J. Selimi, Shayamal Vallabhjee, Ambi Parameswaran, Saiswaroopa Iyer, Dennis Broe

Saikat Majumdar, James Barilla, Urmi Bhattacheryya, Priyanka Gupta Zielinski

Dev Nath Pathak, Neil D'Silva, Amanthi Harris, Sunanda Mehta, Himanjali Sankar




The history and geography of floods: the emotional, psychological and economic aspects of rehabilitation.

1.  Floods in rural Bihar & the victims of policies - Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Sayanangshu Modak 

2. River governance and politics in India - Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh, Sayanangshu Modak 


Books on flood: role of literature in generating victim sensitivity.

3. The Sound of Water: Death, Displacement, Disaster - Sanjay Bahadur,  Aisik Maiti

4. No One Had a Tongue to SpeakCollapse of the Machhu Dam - Dr. Utpal Sandesara, Tom Wooten, Aisik Maiti 

5. The Unquiet River: Moods and Mess of the BrahmaputraProf. Arupjyoti Saikia, Dr. Prasun Chatterjee


Children's literature and illustrations raising environmental concerns in young audience.

6.  Pattan's Pumpkin (children's book with illustrations) - Chitra Soundar, Deyasini Roy   and Moumita Pal

7. Surviving Floods: Children's True Stories - Elizabeth Raum, Deyasini Roy


Representation of flood and victims in art.

8. Graphic Art for Flood and flood-affected - Pinaki De, Sonal Pandey 

9. Floods, Suffering, Message and Context in Global Filmography - Nandini Bhattacharya, Aditi Thakur, Dr. Suchandra Ghatak 

10. Floods, Destruction, Displacement - can the Faculty of Film Studies make a difference? Prof. Erin Espelie, Megha Mazumdar

11. Poetry of floods and environmental activism -  Sumana Roy, Nishi Pulugurtha,  Shelly Bhoil, Deyasini Roy


Religion and flood

12. Teachings from Flood Stories in Religious Texts: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism -Prof. Pankaj Jain, Koral Dasgupta


Role of youth and academia in flood management and/or raising consciousness

13. Creative Writing & Environmental Empathy - Prof. Derek Gladwin, Protim Sharma

14.  Art for Aide: Creative Brains in Action  - Ravi Dhingra, Nguyen Dao Nhat Dan, Aniket Jibalwad, Dr. Protim Sharma


Real life narratives of suffering and survival.

15. Memories from Disastrous Indian Floods: Amphan (West Bengal), Kerala, Mumbai, Patna - Dr. Priyanka Tripathi, Kiran Manral, Nidheesh MK, Antara Roy Bhattacharjee

16. People. Kindness. Cooperation. Flood Memories and Heartwarming Stories -

Dr. Neena Gupta Vij, Dr. Nasmeem Farhin Akhtar, Anu Lal, Ankita Dutta

17. Rescue and relief by the Armed Forces - the stories, the systems and the challenges

a. Navy - Capt. D.K. Sharma, Capt. Rajkumar, Koral Dasgupta

b. Army - Brig. BD Upadhyay, Dr.  Dev Nath Pathak

c. Air Force - Air Vice Marshal  Rajesh Isser, Antara Bhattacharya


18. Research and Writing on Floods & Displacement.
Presentation by Prof. Petra J.E.M Van Dam
(Chair Professor for History of Water & Environmental History.
Co-founder of Environmental Humanities Center (EHC).
Faculty of Humanities, Virje Universiteit Amsterdam.)
and a discussion with Neil Nagwekar & Megha Mazumdar
(selected contributors of Flood Driven Displacement Project).
Moderated by Antara Bhattacharjee



Archives: THE HOME-MAKING. Moderated by Neil Nagwekar

1. Homemakers in Contemporary Women's Fiction

Sutapa Basu, Mona Verma, Tanushree Podder

2. Home-Making the Self: Understanding Philosophical and Psychological Underpinnings of Mental Health

Chrisanne Creado, Phil. D'Souza, Syed Abdul Sayeed and Noella D'Souza

3. Can Recollections Repair Families

Radhika Swaroop

4. Legal Redressal for Abused Indian Housewives

Flavia Agnes

5. Unhomely Spaces: Culture Clashes and Poisonous Silver Spoons 'In the Company of Strangers'

Awais Khan

6. Homemakers in Popular Literature: the Rebellious, the Rude, the Strong, the Significant

Vaishali Mathur (Penguin), Swati Daftuar (HarperCollins), Dipankar Mukherjee (Readomania)

7. Creating Empowering Communities For the Visually Impaired

Krishna Warrier

8. Diverse Delhi Homes: Exploring City Consciousness Through Magical Realism

Ipshita Nath

9. Representing Indian Home-makers in Entertainment Media

Baljit Singh Chaddha (ALT Balaji), Amrita Goswami (MX Player), Dr. Darshil Bhatt (Viacom)

10. Making of the Motherland: Sacrifices at the Frontier

Capt. D. K. Sharma

11. Making of the Motherland: Exploring Multi-Faith Pilgrim Journeys Across Indian Traditions

Dr. Piyush Roy

12. Team-Leaders as Homemakers: The Office As A Second Home

Nandita Gurjar, Kena Shree, Sunitha Lal

13. Home-making the World: Exploring A Utopic And Conflict-less Society

Sangeetha Menon, Anway Mukhopadyay

14. Universities as Homes: Creating Safe Havens for Students During Pandemic

Prof. J. Devika and Prof. Nishi Pulgurtha


VOICES & VERSES:  Poetry evenings with Deyasini and Antara

Amit Shankar Saha, Jagari Mukherjee, Smitha Vishwanath, Udita Garg

Mallika Bhaumik and Mahua Sen

Eva Petropoulou Lianoy, Sandesh Ghimirey, Lolanda Leotta

Dr. Sakshi Chanana, Anita Pesic







The Editing Programme

L&D Programme for Corporate & Academia



TMYS Academy is a virtual knowledge-bank with intellectual and creative leaders from academic, entertainment and corporate world. An attempt to analyse stories as an emotion and as a business, under one learning umbrella.

Sessions will discuss the skills of storytelling and storyteller, technical aspects of writing, translation into multiple presentation formats and languages, attitude of the audience, and more. Panels will also explore how learning can be sourced and applied creatively instead of staying confined in text-books or rule-books. Life has a lot to give. Are we conscious enough to take? 

A virtual summit to stimulate intellectual empowerment through unique story-based talks that help innovate learning content for participants in education & industry.


Chief Conversationalists :
Kanchana Banerjee (author) for crime thrillers.
Shelly Bhoil (Poet and research scholar) for poetry.
Deepak Chawla (author, management professional, educationist) for corporate talks.
Queen Sarkar (professor, researcher) for poetry.
Ritamvara (student) for literary talks with academic heads.
Koral Dasgupta (author, entrepreneur) for generalist talks.