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PARTNERSHIP  &Collaborations


Mahindra Truck & Bus          University of Birmingham

Pan Macmillan                   Simon & Schuster IndiA 

Rupa Publishers                 SheThePeople 

Niyogi Books                      Readomania

Environmental Humanities Center (Amsterdam)

Akshaya Patra Foundation. Oxford university press

TMYS is creating a cross culture repository on the global perception of 'India'. Our projects have deep student engagements and are influencer driven. We drive critical thinking through scholarly and creative writing.

We look forward to merge the mainstream with the academic and popularize thoughts/researchthat stays archived in libraries and university presses but seldom gets to the masses. 

We make a conscious attempt to engage scholars with the stories of the contemporary era.

Personal stories about a place or time, are significant contributors through which history can be recorded and even understood. We believe that students, who are the chair holders of the near future, should be exposed and involved with such history, so they can evolve into better informed individuals - more empathetic, more creative and better decision makers. 

TMYS archives spread into digital collectionsdigital books, digital conversations initiating cross-country/cross-culture/cross-discipline learning exchange with global thought-leaders, a digital quarterly (with ISBN) curating critical insights over contemporary concerns and a virtual literary carnival called The Winter Retreat