Media Coverage

Vision :


To make "storytelling" a sustainable business model which enhances community engagement for the skilled prospects of the society.

MISsion :


To spark a social revolution through fiction and non-fiction stories that capture the pulse of a generation.




Our Passion

Reinforce the story culture in literary and historical narratives, in ushering mental well-being and behavioural change, in explaining management and technical complications - practically in all aspects of learning - through individual and collective storytelling, catering to individuals, society and brands.

Who we come from?

It was our dream to intellectually empower a generation and get them to write stories. These could be fiction or non-fiction. Writing exercises the subconscious and hidden facts about self come in the open. Also, stories inspire patience, empathy, interpersonal relationships.

A group of authors, journalists and literature professors came together to create that community of storytellers. While servicing various content needs and conducting workshops for educational groups and the corporate, we share stories in multiple presentation and consumption formats.

#TellMeYourStory is a Social Entrepreneurship venture. Stories integral to end consumers drive every business. We are engaging with those stories, those consumers, those businesses.

Our Intervention?

1. Get people to identify stories in their life and mind. We believe, if one is made conscious of their own stories, then they wouldn't have to look for motivation outside. 

2. Each storyteller inspires another to explore his own hidden treasure.

3. Stories unveil the subconscious. They bring out the truth of the storyteller. Many stories voice the truth of a society. And that of a generation.

4. Life creates a lot of beautiful moments. There are memories of people and times that have become past now. Unless they are documented at the micro-level, they'll disappear.

5. Every person has many stories. They don't know where to say and how to say those, to be heard, felt and emotionally anchored. We come as answers to all of these.

6. Since we have trained a community, we know their strengths, weaknesses and talent. We now pick up writing or content projects from the industry and get them serviced through these writers, generating 'doorstep' employment.