Media Coverage

Vision :


To make "storytelling" a sustainable business model which enhances community engagement for the skilled prospects of the society.

MISsion :


To spark a social revolution through fiction and non-fiction WRITING that capture the pulse of a generation.




Our Passion

Reinforce the story culture in literary and historical narratives, in ushering mental well-being and behavioural change, in explaining management and technical complications - practically in all aspects of learning - through individual and collective storytelling, catering to individuals, society and brands.

Our Work

TMYS is creating a cross culture repository on the global perception of 'India'.

Our projects have deep student engagements and are influencer driven, driving an intellectual environment for critical thinking through scholarly and creative writing. We make a conscious attempt to engage scholars with the stories of the contemporary era. We find this important because personal stories about a place or time, are important contributors through which history can be recorded and even understood. We believe that students, who are the chair holders of the near future, should be exposed and involved with such history, so they can evolve into better informed individuals - more empathetic, more creative and better decision makers. 

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